According to the Emilia-Romagna tradition, pasta dough is made using only type-00 while flour and eggs, without adding any other ingredients such as water, salt or oil. Besides 00 flour, which is often a mix of flours designed to provide an excellent yield but is also highly refined, you can use 0-type or wholemeal flour. Thanks to the recent rediscovery of ancient grains, we can now make pasta dough using other grain varieties such as Solina, Verna and Andriolo as well.

As far as southern pasta is concerned, the dough is made using only durum wheat flour, also known as semolina, generally mixed with water. The ancient grains making a comeback now can also be used to make this kind of pasta, namely grains such as Timilia or Tumminia, Russello, Maiorca or the more recent Senatore Cappelli.